Publications (peer-reviewed)

‘Bullshit’ After All? Why People Consider Their Jobs Socially Useless
Simon Walo (2023)
Work, Employment and Society 37(5): 1123-1146

The link between routine tasks and job polarization: A task measurement problem?
Simon Walo (2023)
LABOUR 37(3): 437–467

Working Papers

Historical Changes in the Meaning of Work: Quantifying Smith, Marx and Weber with Word Embeddings
Simon Walo

Measuring Economization with Diachronic Word Embeddings
Simon Walo; Jörg Rössel

Geographical and aesthetic inclusiveness: a new cultural worldview? The case of nine European countries
Jordi Lopez Sintas; Jörg Rössel; Tally Katz-Gerro; Simon Walo

Perceptions of a Shared European Culture Increase the Support for the European Union
Valentina Petrović; Jörg Rössel; Simon Walo; Tally Katz-Gerro; Maria Pilar Lopez Belbeze

Understandings of Culture: A European Bottom-Up Study Using Structural Topic Modelling
Ossi Sirkka; Simon Walo; Semi Purhonen; Marc Verboord; Susanne Janssen; Philippe Bonnet

Right-Wing Voters in Old and New Democracies
Valentina Petrović; Simon Walo; Larissa Fritsch